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For quality assisted living in a place that feels like a home should, choose Young at Heart Assisted Living. You’ll enjoy warmth and love in a routine oriented environment where you’ll be spoiled rotten!

More about the founding of Young at Heart Assisted Living:

Debbie LeClear is a registered nurse, and also the owner and operator of Young At Heart Assisted Living. She has been in the nursing field for over 35 years and has dedicated her entire career to taking care of others.

She worked at the Presbyterian Hospital System in New Mexico for 16 years before she and her family moved to Lubbock in 1980. At that time she started at St. Mary's Hospital (now Covenant Medical Center-Lakeside), where she worked for 15 years. After that, she was a Nurse Director at UMC for 3 years before founding Young At Heart Assisted Living.

The dream becomes a reality.
Debbie found the opportunity to make her dream of opening an assisted living facility a reality while visiting with a realtor in 2008. She expressed her wishes about needing a quality facility that would house about 10 people. The realtor knew of a unique place that just might be a perfect fit - and pointed her in that direction.

Once she opened the door and walked in, she knew this was the place that would make her dream come true. Without hesitation, she purchased it, resigned from her position at the hospital, and went to work redecorating.

A dedication to seniors.
Debbie has loved being around the elderly her entire life. She believes in striving to make a quality difference in their lives. So often seniors lose their independence and dignity. She wants them to know that they do have choices in maintaining these important aspects of life – here at Young at Heart Assisted Living.

Choose a positive step forward in your life's journey with a facility that meets all of your needs - call 806-855-4699.

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